Sliding Windows

Clear Choice USA Sliding Windows offer a picturesque view of the outdoors with maximum glass exposure. It is a sleek window that is often used in openings where the width is larger than the height. Clear Choice USA Sliding Windows improve the value and comfort of your home at an extraordinary value.

Sliding Window Characteristics

The aesthetically-pleasing Clear Choice USA Sliding Window can be identified as follows:

  • Opens and closes horizontally with a sliding motion
  • Width is greater than height
  • Large glass area
  • Two to three panels

Clear Choice USA Slider Windows are constructed with high-quality brass rollers for smooth-as-silk operation. They contain a heavy duty extruded screen with a superior weeping system to effectively drain water.

If you should choose our exclusive Tilt-N-Slide option, you’ll have a horizontal sliding window that also allows the sashes (or panels) to swing into the home.

Our Tilt-N-Slide window features an industry-leading engineered tilt mechanism for easy cleaning from inside the home. The caliper brake system locks the sash into place when tilted inward for safety, and an anti-swing lock allows the sash to be locked open.

Sliding Window Features & Options 

When choosing a Horizontal Sliding window for your home, here are some of the available product features and options:

  • Brass Roller Mechanisms for effortless gliding (standard)
  • Sashes that can be lift out for cleaning (standard)
  • Snap-in track design for easy maintenance (standard)*
  • 100% virgin uiPVC formulation (standard)
  • Multi-chamber extrusion design for structural integrity and thermal performance (standard)
  • Insulated Glass Units that are 1″ thick (standard)*
  • cam style lock mechanisms for superior Forced Entry Resistance, or ‘FER’ (standard)
  • Integrated, extruded lift rails (standard)
  • Warm Edge glass spacing system (standard)
  • Double or Triple Stacked Low Emissivity Glass – “Low E” (option)
  • Argon or Krypton inert, insulating Gas (option)
  • Colonial and Diamond Grids (option)
  • Tempered Safety Glass (option)
  • Interior Simulated Wood Finish (option)**
  • Exterior Polymer Color Finish (option)**

For more information regarding the many options and features available with our Clear Choice USA Sliding windows, fill out the free replacement window quote form today.

* – most cities, call for details.
** – select cities, check with your local Clear Choice USA office for details.