Triple Pane Windows at Dual Pane Prices

Clear Choice USA is changing the way America buys replacement windows. For years, only a select few replacement window companies offered Triple Pane technology. Why? Several reasons.

1. The expense of the technology meant selling prices that were not affordable for most homeowners.
2. Many manufacturers didn’t and don’t produce triple pane glass.
3. Most organizations are simply unaware of the science behind the benefits of triple pane glass.

With our national network of replacement window retailers, Clear Choice USA eliminates ALL of these issues, as follows.

1. Our national buying power brings you unprecedented pricing for advanced Triple Pane windows.
2. Our manufacturing partners are amongst the most advanced in the U.S.A., producing windows engineered to carry triple pane glass.
3. Being a national network, we’re able to properly educate salespeople across America on the features and benefits of triple pane windows.

And speaking of price…no one can match our ability to bring you this energy saving, sound reducing technology. In fact, our Triple Pane package pricing is often less than our competition charges for dual pane!

Schedule an in-home demonstration today, and our local sales consultants will show you our up-front, no games pricing on Triple Pane packages. You can then compare these prices to quotes from other national brands. You’ll quickly see that we’re providing more value than any other company can.

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Should I Repair or Replace my Windows?

You’re sitting in the living room one day and a thought pops in your mind: I’m going to open the windows…and get a nice summer breeze! Ahh…the thought of that refreshing summertime air cooling you off, filling your senses with a clean, crisp aroma. OK, perhaps oversold, but you get the point. You want to open your windows.

You proceed to the nearest window, likely a Double Hung, and lift the bottom sash upwards. And what happens? The sash falls right back down. Hey, what gives?

The likely culprit is a failed balance mechanism. More about those here.

Your next thought is: Can I get this fixed?

The answer is, yes you can…but it might be tough. Many older windows have expired warranties. Some balance mechanisms, especially in older wood windows, are practically impossible to repair or replace.

This is just one small example. But the point is that the repair of replacement windows can sometimes be a challenge.

Some other reasons you may need window repair include dried or cracking sealant, fogged glass, broken locks or handles and ripped screens.

So the answer to the question, should I repair replacement windows…is absolutely yes. But (you knew there was a but), you have to find the right company to repair it.

This might sound obvious, but there aren’t a lot of companies prepared or willing to repair a window. Often times, it’s easier, and even cheaper…to replace the window. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t explore the possibility of a repair, especially if it’s a minor issue like ripped screens.

My advice: Call a replacement window retailer (like us), and ask them if they will inspect your windows and discuss your repair or replacement options.

Most companies will be glad to assist, but do realize that they want to sell you new windows. So choose a company that gives you all the options, repair and replace, with a smile and no pressure.

And finally…with the massive buying power of companies like Clear Choice USA, prices for extremely energy efficient windows are really, really affordable. So when choosing to repair or replace, always analyze the return on investment you’ll receive. Typically, if the cost of the repair is more than 30% the cost of new replacement windows, we’ll suggest a replacement.

My Windows Won’t Stay Raised Up

Have you ever opened your Double Hung window by attempting to raise up the bottom sash…only to have it drift (or slam) shut on you? This is a common problem for homeowners across America, and we’re here to help.

First let’s talk about what a Double Hung actually is. The word “hung” signifies that the operable parts of the window, called sashes, are actually suspended, or hung. In other words, they are not fixed or fastened in place. They’re inserted into the frame, in order that they may be moved (opened). The word double simply refers to the fact that there are TWO sashes that are hung, and ready to be opened. But let’s get back to “hung”.

How exactly are the sashes hung?

Over the years, there have actually been many ways that sashes have been hung in window frames. There is block & tackle, which many of you may recognize as ‘weight & string’. This is a system utilizes a chord, or string that is attached to a counter balance, or weight. The weight helps offset the weight of the sash itself, and makes it easier to push the sashes up or down.

Another version is called a spiral balance. This is a system where a steel rod is connected to a spring, and wound to create a force that opposes the weight of your sashes. The steel rod is actually twisted, kind of like a helix…thus the name spiral. The helix twists and puts force into the spring, and when that force is released, it helps you lift the sash.

I know…that’s a lot of technical mumbo jumbo. So let’s get into how OUR windows are hung, and why it’s a superior method.

You’ve all seen block and tackle systems in old wooden windows. You’ve seen the rope in the sides of the window, literally. This rope was attached to the counter weight. Problem is, most of the times you’ve seen this…the window didn’t work. (I’m guessing here, but pretty confident that I’m right). The rope has worn or broken, and the system either doesn’t work at all, or provides little to no help in lifting the sash.

Most of you have NOT seen a spiral balance. This is because it is encased in a plastic tube that hides it from view. BUT…you have seen a spiral balance if you’ve noticed drops of grease in the side pockets of the window. You see, with the steel spiral rod and spring system, grease or lubricant is necessary to keep the system moving.

Our windows utilize what’s called a constant force balancer. This is actually a ribbon of stainless steel that is rolled up into a coil. It’s called constant force because no matter how far the ribbon is uncoiled, the force remains…yep, constant.

Coil springs, as they’re known, are used in numerous applications, but got famous in their use in seat belts. They require no lubrication, don’t wear out…and if they’re good enough for seat belts, they’re good enough for me.